Sunday, February 6, 2011

our friends who harbor dark gods

a common affection for an all-too-common infection

an infliction of a rather subtle inundation of sentiment

a bargain brokered to an unknown recipient

from a vow ages past

by voices long forgotten by the passing of time

their only banners fly unwavering behind the eyes of the proud and slung on the backs of cowards

they ask all too little to eat

never beg for attention

only room to grow

and time to cultivate

they need not power to overcome

for they were invited

they need not permission

for that was abdicated long before they arrived

in their flaunted hubris they have thought to have found immortality

spuriously perceiving that fiction as tantamount to victory

all along their newly found empire will be razed by the self-same arms used to occupy

Mere Words

p.s. be full of care or what is borne on them

could be friends who harbor dark gods

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